Blog Prompt #7 – Music and Writing

Blog Prompt #7 – Music and Writing

This topic has come up before, but now is your chance to really talk about it, and add some depth to your ideas!

Music, for many of us, is a part of the writing process. It might inspire us. We might need it to get started, or motivated, or to finish. We might give characters their own theme songs or might follow along with the lyrics as they pull us into a different direction. We might even write songfics.

Your blogging mission is therefore to answer questions like this –

Does music inspire you in your writing? Do any characters have a song that just clicks for you? Do any character relationships have songs (e. g. they’re playing our song)? Do lyrics inspire you? Do rhythm, beats and instruments inspire? Is one genre preferred to another? Do any of your characters sing or play instruments? Do any of your stories or characters have play lists?

Bonus questions!

Have you ever used music to set a scene or a mood? Do you feel it was successful? Have you read others’ musical connections to fan fiction? Did the music help in your enjoyment of the piece(s), or did it detract?

We’ve got responses!

Blog Prompt #7 – Music and Writing



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